• Mr. & Mrs. Abhi & Vanessa Golhar – Atlanta, GA.

    When you’re looking for an emcee, you want more than just a host with good jokes. You’re looking for four important qualities: genuine interest in the event, personality, projection of voice, and an intimate understanding of event process and flow. For our reception, Ronil did a tremendous job of asking us questions in order to get to know us better and using that information to craft a story which flowed incredibly well with the evening. He also went above and beyond the call of duty to coordinate with relevant vendors to ensure he was in sync.

    Ronil’s outgoing, charming personality coupled with his unique ability to project his voice well gives him the elements you need for a successful event – we highly recommend him to anyone!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rishi & Kesha Vaswani – Surrey, BC

    We can’t thank Ronil enough for making our registration wedding a huge success. He was able to keep all our guests engaged and entertained throughout the evening. I heard many of our guests say this was one of the very few South Asian functions where all the guests were attentive, quiet, and engrossed in the formal part of the evening. Only someone with great experience can captivate the attention of such a large party, and that man is Ronil. It’s hard to believe that our event was the very last time Ronil was able to express his true passion in a public space of over 750 people before we all had to practice physical distancing.

    We hope that once restrictions start to lift, many of you consider Ronil to emcee your future events. All the planning and meetings we had with Ronil were fun and well organized, he definitely took away the stress of making sure our evening ran smoothly. Although we have seen Ronil emcee many events before, each event is more impressive than the last. He truly is a Master of ceremonies and like we said, we can’t thank him enough for making our evening so special.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Sukh & JingJing Sandhu – Surrey, BC

    If it wasn’t for Ronil our wedding event would not have run as smoothly as it did. Ronil is a professional, experienced, extremely organized, and charismatic individual. From the beginning, his communication was straight-forward, we had multiple meetings which consisted of us getting to know each other, introducing him to our immediate family members and creating a detailed timeline of the event.

    Ronil’s ability to engage with the audience is impressive, picking up the energy when needed and bringing the audience back in focus during speeches. There was never a dull moment when he was on the stage. Ronil had the entire evening planned and designed to tell a story from our first date to the proposal. It made our evening so special.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Bhavin & Heena Gopalji – Los Angeles, CA

    “Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we feel about the way you emceed our wedding reception. Everyone in the audience still remembers how eloquent and charismatic you were. The days leading up to the reception, you took every opportunity to learn how my husband and I were as a couple. You were highly professional and genuinely interested in what we felt were important sentiments. Your efforts leading up to our big day was manifested throughout the night. We were delighted by the flow and sharpness of the evening, your use of comedy paired with emotion was something I have never seen before.

    Thank you for making the best day of our lives so fun, engaging and personal! You were by far the highlight of our reception and I would highly recommend Ronil’s services.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Arjun & Prathana Nanda – Vancouver, BC

    Ronil was a fantastic MC. He took the time to get to know Prathana and I as a couple over a matter of weeks, which shows his dedication to his craft, and his work paid off at our reception. He brought a sense of light-hearted sophistication to our event and kept the crowd entertained and smiling throughout the entire evening. He went above and beyond, and obtained some memorabilia from some family friends and surprised us at the event; we were blown away! We couldn’t recommend Ronil more highly; he was the glue that kept all the events running smoothly and he feels like family. Thanks a ton, Ronil!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rita & Karm Sarpal – Surrey, BC

    When you think of having an MC at your wedding you think of someone who is engaging, funny, great communicator, confident, organized and most importantly someone who ensures that the night runs smoothly. This is exactly what Ronil did at our wedding reception this year and more!

    Ronil gets to know you and you really feel as if you have been friends for years. He ensures to set up several meetings prior to the event to get to know us, helped create our itinerary for the evening, provided suggestions and makes you comfortable with the layout of the evening.

    The night never felt scripted, he was able to be spontaneous and crack jokes to the crowd, quick on his feet if something came up that wasn’t planned, made our guests feel comfortable and really someone people enjoyed listening to. The entire evening we had guests coming up to us and telling us how great Ronil was and how he created one of the best receptions they had ever been to.

    Ronil is the most reliable person out there. You know you can trust him to make your evening more relaxed, stress free and most importantly fun! One of the best decisions we made was having Ronil as apart of our evening and I would recommend him to anyone!

    Thank you so much Ronil for the incredible job you did! Your warmth, energetic approach and professionalism was invaluable to the success of our event! – Mr. & Mrs. Kam & Rita Sarpal

  • Mr. & Mrs. Asis & Sonia Tiwari – Udaipur, India

    Ronil emceed our Cocktail Evening in Udaipur and worked his magic and how. Planning a destination wedding was no easy feat, however Ronil kept us at ease throughout the entire process. With only a couple of conversations over the phone and a few emails back and forth, Ronil took complete charge and onus upon of himself to ensure that the evening was a success. He exceeded our expectations with his dedication and was beyond accommodating. 

    Ronil provided valuable suggestions and input based on his previous experiences from anything to the proposed agenda and layout of the evening, background music and the lighting. Ronil was our anchor during this period, always calm, collected and very open to dealing with last minute changes. He made it a point to understand the ambience we were aiming for the event and reinforced it through his emceeing. 

    With his hilarious yet sophisticated sense of humour and bilingual capabilities, Ronil was able to connect with and charm each and every person in the room. His unmatchable talent of marrying humour and emotion like no other left everyone in fits of laughter till their stomachs ached and wiping bittersweet tears soon after. You single-handedly carried the evening with utmost ease and made it a night we will never forget.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Johnny & Emma Dhillon – Chilliwack, BC

    By far one of the best decisions we made for this wedding was to hire an emcee, and Ronil was a perfect choice that totally firmed up our decision. Having Ronil there on the big day alleviated all the pressure for us making sure guests headed where they needed to get organized. He kept the night flowing so smoothly and everyone engaged and having a great time.

    We received so many comments from guests at the wedding asking us how long we had known Ronil, only for them to be shocked when we said due to our circumstances we hadn’t even had a chance to meet Ronil in person before today and had only talked to him on the phone. Everyone was convinced he must’ve been related to us for the way he told our story and was so quick with keeping things going smooth. Absolutely MUST for any large wedding hire Ronil as your emcee you will not regret it!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Kishan & Karishma Nathwani – Richmond, BC

    Ronil emceed our epic blackout wedding reception in August of 2015. When an unexpected summer storm caused our venue to lose power, we didn’t think anything would able to save our reception. With just his microphone and a single speaker, Ronil was able to keep our guests engaged and entertained all night long. 

    Throughout the process of preparing for our reception, Ronil was thoughtful and considerate of our needs and desires. He was always prepared with his own ideas to help make our night special. His upbeat and energetic personality kept our guests laughing and smiling as he told his own personal memories of his relationship with us. Ronil helped able turn an unfortunate situation into the most memorable night of our lives.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Ron & Gina Swamy – Vancouver, BC

    We have had the pleasure of knowing Ronil for a couple years now and we have always found him to be such a charming and kind person. He’s always been so great with our kids and that’s why we thought he would be a perfect emcee for our son Lucas’ 1st Birthday.

    We briefly told him Lucas’ difficult journey into the world in a few words and when he retold the story at the Birthday he had the audience in tears, even me! His interest and empathy to his clients is unreal, he genuinely cares for you and takes his time to get to know you and in a sense becomes part of your family and your event. He was great with the kids and had the audience engaged and laughing the entire night. Ronil, we can’t thank you enough for being part of our Son’s 1st birthday and making it such a fun and memorable night!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Devan and Jasleen Mangat – Vancouver, BC

    Wedding planning can be very stressful and can bring tremendous anxiety, especially when you have to think of every detail. One of the best decisions we made was hiring Ronil to host and MC our reception night. Ronil made everything so easy for us and kept great communication with Jasleen and I throughout the final weeks leading up to the big night.

    The professionalism he brought really impressed us and he made us feel like we knew each other for years. The one quality we really loved is how he listened to every detail from day one and continued to listen to the final moments of our reception. He really made the night special and everyone at the reception was asking about him all night. Thank you so much Ronil, best of luck to your bright future.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Deepak & Jaya Kainth – Burnaby, BC

    Ronil was very professional and inviting when we first met for coffee. He took the time to get to know both of us and was interested in learning not only how we met but our individual family history. He had complete control of the entire night for our reception and kept the crowd entertained with his stories about us. He made sure he was in touch with all the vendors that night to keep the night flowing smoothly.

    Guests literally approached me asking who that emcee was and the fantastic job he did. In all honesty I was very hesitant at the idea of hiring a outside emcee for our reception, but Ronil rocked it! I would highly recommend him to emcee your events. You will not be disappointed. Thank you again and again Ronil, you truly are an outstanding emcee and I wish you a lifetime of success.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Neil & Breena Sharma – Richmond, BC

    It’s in his blood. His ability to captivate an audience, to emanate positivity and to lift spirits with witty humor and a gentlemen’s charm comes naturally to him. This is something I have always known about Ronil.

    So it was only natural, despite the many other “adults” with public speaking experience that we knew, that he would be the best “person of the house”, even at the tender age of 16! Both a wise and sentimental choice that we are so happy we made! My wedding was Ronils first experience as an emcee and he performed his duties like a seasoned vet.

    It was easy for Ronil to speak on our side of the family, but it amazed me with how eloquently he spoke of my husband and his family and how he was able to spellbind all our guests. From different cultures and different generations, Ronil captivated the attention and hearts of all my guests.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Hiten & Priya Mistry – Vancouver

    We are fortunate to know Ronil personally as a really good friend of ours for a number of years. When it came time for our reception it was a no brainer that we wanted Ronil to be our MC as we had seen him do an amazing job speaking at other events we had attended. He is well spoken, corky, charming, hilarious, and thoughtful.

    Prior to our event he had reached out to us to gather information about the history of our relationship along with some fun facts which he incorporated in his material during the event which we thought made it just that much more personal. He did an amazing job at improvising and filling in gaps throughout the night when needed without anyone noticing.

    Thank you Ronil for going above and beyond to make our night so memorable. It’s been almost a year since the event and people are still raving about what an amazing job you had done.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Chiraag and Karishma Parekh – Surrey, BC

    We had the privilege of having Ronil emcee during our wedding events and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. He has a unique way of engaging the audience and keeping the experience interactive.

    He had this ability to make everything personal and make it so natural. One of the things we appreciate the most is that he’s able to think on his feet. While he comes with prepared material and makes a point to get to know his bride and groom, he’s able to improvise and this is critical as an emcee. I would definitely recommend Ronil if you are looking for an emcee for one of your events

  • Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Kayla Grewal – Victoria, BC

    Your MC skills were top notch! You kept both family entertained and involved and it was the best decision we made to have you host. We would recommend you to family and friends as well, as it’s a skill only few people have to speak in front of 500+ people. The event ran smoothly and our guests were commenting on your abilities well after our event. It was a pleasure getting to know you and our cousins have already booked your services for their wedding!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jeff & Aarti Singh – Surrey, BC

    Ronil was the emcee at our wedding in the summer of 2013. The room was full of energy the whole night and I would have to owe that to him.

    Not only was he able to keep our evening on track, he was also able to keep the crowd entertained! You can count on his witty, yet sophisticated, personality for great jokes with a personal touch, audience engagement and organization. Ronil is such a dear friend of ours and he was able to couple our stories with his flare and spice, while interacting with our guests. It was like watching a stand-up comedian at work. He connected with the audience and he doesn’t come off as trying! He’s natural and able to laugh at himself and make us laugh. Our reception was structured, had great flow and we were able to see our vision come to life thanks to Ronil emceeing our special night.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Mike and Priya Gerdes – Portland, OR

    Our experience working with Ronil was great! From his initial interview of us as a couple with questionnaires of how well my husband and I know each other, to the reception evening, Ronil really delivered a wonderful event.

    He is very charismatic and displays a level of professionalism which is reflected in his skills of engaging the audience, captivating them in a story he tells of the couple as well as off the cuff commentary of the event in progress.

    His ability to engage the various generations of guests was well received as we had many guests praising the entertaining and memorable elements he added to the evening. Thank you Ronil for making our wedding reception feel so personable and fun!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Jaisen & Reema Patel – Surrey, BC

    When it came time to choose an Emcee for our reception, we both had no doubt that Ronil would be the best choice. We had seen him Emcee various other events, and knew he would be the perfect fit for our personal event. He took the time to talk to each of us individually and together to get a feel for what we wanted and to ask us questions that would later be part of his speech.

    We provided Ronil with a schedule of how we wanted our Reception to unravel and he took that schedule and created a memorable evening for us, our families and our friends. Ronil showed warmth, humour and an energy that created a strong and personal engagement with the audience. He has a natural and charismatic style of emceeing that can capture any crowd.

  • Mr. & Mrs. Neal & Leena Sheth – Los Angeles, CA

    “Thank you” just does not seem adequate enough to convey how we feel about the way you emceed our wedding at the Westin Hotel in Los Angeles in July 2009. Everyone in the audience still remembers how eloquent and charismatic you were.

    The days leading up to the reception, you took every opportunity to learn how my husband and I were as a couple. You were highly professional and genuinely interested in what we felt were important sentiments. Your efforts leading up to our big day was manifested throughout the night.

    We were delighted by the flow and sharpness of the evening, your use of comedy paired with emotion was something I have never seen before. Thank you for making the best day of our lives so fun, engaging and personal! You were by far the highlight of our reception!

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rajiv & Riya Pala – Burnaby, BC

    From the beginning I knew I wanted Ronil to be a part of my wedding events. It goes without saying that he brings a certain energy, humour and warmth to anything he hosts. With very little planning of the script, and many on the spot changes, Ronil lead my entire Sangeet evening from start to finish, from formalities, to dinner, and all the way through each performance.

    Ronil’s time and investment in understanding the dynamics of my family, where everyone has come from, and any inside jokes allowed him to own his role while keeping the audience engaged and laughing the entire time. I know everyone connected with him and felt liked they knew him at the end. There’s really no one like Ronil and he has a very special place in our hearts!